Oakland Ghostship Fire Fundraiser

Help support the arts community in a time of great need.


Ghostship Tondo, 2016

The Ghostship Tondo

On absorbing the news of the recent Oakland warehouse fire, I was devastated and heartbroken. In the face of mourning, I went straight into the studio. I wanted to create, just for the sake of creating.  The result is the photographic piece, Ghostship Tondo. I spent days carefully constructing the tableau of natural materials, setting the reflections and bringing the scene alive through lighting. I feel that this work holds all the feelings I have had since the fire.

The Ghostship Fire

I’m sure you have also felt affected by the fire at the Ghostship warehouse in Oakland on December 2. 36 young artists parished. Even if we didn’t know them directly, any of these victims could have been our kids, our students, or even ourselves earlier in our lives. With that fire, so many of the strains put upon young artists collided head on against their energy, dedication and do-it-yourself efforts to the most tragic results. Overnight, the Bay Area arts community was shocked into the deepest mourning and sense of loss.

Aerial image taken by the Oakland Fire Department of the Ghostship Warehouse.

The Ghostship Fundraiser

I am releasing the full edition privately to generate funds to assist artists in the East Bay in their quest to stay –safely- in their workspaces. I am inviting you to participate in this project.

As a collector and an arts community supporter, you can help through your collecting. I would love to have you help me support the arts community in a time of great need. I am releasing this work as an edition of 10 with all proceeds beyond fabrication going directly to the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts to support the development of safe, sustainable artist housing. Each photograph, 36 inches in diameter, will be sold fully mounted for $2500. My goal is to raise $20,000 through these sales.

If you want to acquire Ghostship Tondo or participate in this project in any other way, please email me for more details. I would be so honored to have your support in this effort.